HENRY DANGER                    SERIES REGULAR               NICKELODEON/ Dan Schnieder Dir.

                      MODERN FAMILY                     GUEST STAR                 ABC/ Gail Mancuso Dir.

                      BONES                             GUEST STAR                 FOX/ Ian Toynton Dir.

                      PERCEPTION                        GUEST STAR                 TNT/ Eric McCormack Dir.

                      THE FOSTERS                       GUEST STAR                 ABC FAMILY/ Jim Hayman Dir.

                      TRUE BLOOD                  RECURRING (8 episodes)           HBO/ Michael Lehmann Dir.

                      CASTLE                            GUEST STAR                 ABC/ Ron Underwood Dir.

                      JUDGE MOORE (PILOT)               GUEST STAR                 SONY/Paul Abetyta Dir.

                      PRIVATE PRACTICE                  GUEST STAR                 ABC/  Mark Tinker Dir.  

                      JOURNEYMAN                        GUEST STAR                 NBC /  Alex Graves Dir.

                      QUARTERLIFE                       GUEST STAR                 NBC/ Katy Jelski Dir.

                      ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT         RECURRING (3 episodes)          FOX/  Paul Feig Dir.

                      YES, DEAR                         GUEST STAR                 CBS/ Mark Cendrowski Dir.

                      LAS VEGAS                         GUEST STAR                 NBC/ Fred Keller Dir.

                      WITHOUT A TRACE                    CO-STAR                   CBS/ Scott White Dir.

                      GILMORE GIRLS                      CO-STAR                    WB/ Linda Mendoza Dir.

                      SOLD! (PILOT)                      CO-STAR                    ABC/ Bryan Gordon Dir.

                      IT'S ALL RELATIVE                  CO-STAR                    ABC/ Ken Levine Dir.

                      BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER          GUEST STAR                  UPN/ David Solomon Dir.

                      NASH BRIDGES                       CO-STAR                    CBS/ Jim Charleston Dir.

                      LAS VEGAS LIVE: BLUE MAN GROUP     FEATURED                    Bravo


                      PIPE                                 LEAD                      Indep. /Max Issacson Dir.

                      DANIKA                            SUPPORTING                   Universal / Ariel Vromen Dir.

                      50 PILLS                          SUPPORTING                   Indep. / Theo Avgerinos Dir.

                      BMG “ORIGINS”                        LEAD                      Indep. / Drew Antzis Dir.

                      ELVIS PRESTELLO - ALISON          SUPPORTING                   Indep. /  Rich Talrico Dir.

                      THE TENDER MORSELS                   LEAD                      Indep. / Guiseppe Graziano Dir.

                        I SLAMMED MY DICK IN THE DRAWER         LEAD                      Indep./ Ed Goodman Dir.

                      TALES FROM BEYOND                    LEAD                      Indep. / Josh Austin Dir.

                      FOREIGN BODIES                       LEAD                      Indep. / Hagit Saad Dir.

                      GRAVEROBBERS                         LEAD                      Indep. / Adam Godchaux  Dir.


                     BLUE MAN GROUP - (NY & VEGAS)        BLUE MAN                   Blue Man Group

                       ABSOLUTELY NOT- THE SECOND CITY        IMPROVISER                  Cafe Roma

                     THE GRAPES OF WRATH                    BOY                      Steppenwolf Theatre

                       SECOND CITY HIGH SCHOOL TOUR CO        IMPROVISER                  The Second City

                                            VOICE OVER

                             DOC MCSTUFFINS                                         RECURRING                               DISNEY JR,/ Chris Nee Dir.


                CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH                    GUEST STAR                   MTV

                                           SPECIAL SKILLS

              Dialects: British (High Class, Cockney), Scottish, German, Southern (Louisiana, Tennessee), Chicago, New York

              Skills/ Sports:  Drumming, Juggling, Stage Combat, Vocal Sound Effects, Driving, Swimming, Football, Baseball.





This is my dinosaur character "BRONTY" from the hit Disney show



This is my other Character "Ben" from DOC MCSTUFFINS. He loves his sister and couldn't be more sweet.




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A married guy tried to live vicariously through his single best friend, except his best friend is... well. a disapointment...

WATCH the whole series here



Untitled 4 copy.jpg

Jeffrey Nicholas Brown was born on August 29 to Thomas and Mary Brown, both music teachers, in Evanston Il. Jeffrey began acting in the third grade studying improvisation at the Piven Theatre Workshop. He played the violin from age three to five, the piano from five to eight, and the drums from eight to the present. He is glad his parents made him do this.


His first professional acting job was in “The Grapes of Wrath” at the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago when he was twelve.  He worked along side Gary Sinese,  John C. Riley, and Terry Kinney amongst others. In High School Jeffrey spent many hours at The Second City,  hanging out and performing in the Second City’s High School Touring company as well as playing drums in many horribly named bands. He then went on to study theatre at DePaul University and continued to play drums in yet even more poorly named bands.


After graduating with a BFA, Jeffrey moved to Oakland and lived in a warehouse in the ghetto. He worked for 60’s icon Wavy Gravy as a counselor at his circus and performing arts camp Camp Winnarainbow in Mendocino County. All this changed after his friend Thessally had a dream that he beat out Michael Jackson for a part in Blue Man Group. Then, in the paper the next day, there was an ad for a Blue Man Group open call. As foretold in the dream, Jeffrey soon moved to NYC to start working with Blue Man Group as a Blue Man for their upcoming show in Las Vegas.


After a year in NYC, Jeffrey moved to Las Vegas to open Blue Man Group’s biggest show ever. It was an amazing time. Jeffrey Brown was a Las Vegas celebrity. Who knew??? Certainly not him…


He lived there for three years until he moved out to Los Angeles where he now acts in TV and film. He lives with his gorgeous and talented actor/writer wife, Jennifer Carta, and son Oliver. He continues to perform with Blue Man Group on a part time basis all over the world and play drums for various bands and artists - however they are better named these days. He is a blessed man.




Jeffrey has played drums and percussion for various bands in a variety of styles since the late 80’s.  He has been so lucky to work with amazingly talented musicians such as Tim “Herb” Alexander (Primus), Robin Finck (NIN), Anna Nalick, Luis Maldanado (Train, Lisa Marie Presley), Ana Lenchantin (Train, A perfect Circle), Michael Gurly (Dada) Will Blades (Stanton Moore Trio),  and Seth Ford-Young (Tom Waits) amongst others. He continues to find ways to make music fresh and exciting by playing drumsin unusualwayswhile maintaining a simplistic approach.


       VIDEOS          MUSIC           PHOTOs            event drumming


jeffrey has played with ...


BLUE MAN GROUP                               MELODIC PVC INSTRUMENTS                   JUNE’99 - PRESENT       

MIKE GURLEY AND THE NIGHTCAPS                      JAZZ/SWING                          APRIL ’06 - PRESENT

ANNA NALICK                                    SINGER/SONGWRITER                       JULY ’10 - MARCH ’12


BAD MOTHER FATHERS                        80'S, 90'S, PRESENT ROCK COVERS              MARCH '17

COUSINS                                             INDIE ROCK                         JAN ’12 - FEB '13

ELVIS PRESTELLO                               ELVIS COSTELLO COVERS                    DEC ’09 - PRESENT

ALI YOUNG                                       SINGER/SONGWRITER                      AUG ’09 - NOV ’11

UBERSCHALL                                   EXPERIMENTAL/ELECTRONICA                  MARCH ’00 - JULY ’03

CHARLEY TURNER                                ORIGINAL CLASSIC ROCK                    AUG ’06 - PRESENT

MANDY STECKELBERG                            COMEDY SINGER SONGWRITER                  JULY ’06 - SEPT ’09

DRUMMER & DJ                               HAND PERCUSSION/ ELECTRONICA                JULY ‘ 08 - PRESENT

JB                                             SOLO DRUM ELCTRONICA                    NOV ’01 - JUNE ’03         

ILLYRIA                                        ORIGINAL ROCK/FUNK                      JUNE ’97 - MARCH ’99

MR. SLINKS                                            FUNK                             FEB ‘ 96 - JUNE ’97

REDEMPTION                                        ORIGINAL ROCK                        JAN ’90 - JUNE ’93




Luber Roklin Entertainment

Greg Wapnick

8530 Wilshire Blvd. #550 Beverly Hills CA 90211

310 854 1390

Theatrical Representation

Ellis Talent Group

4705 Laurel Canyon Blvd. ste.300 Valley Village, CA 91607

818 980 8072

Commercial Representation

Reign Agency

2216 Main St. Penthouse One, Santa Monica CA90405

310 396 6462


DPN Talent

9201 West Olympic Boulevard

Beverly hills, CA 90212